Abstracts and Awards

Guidelines for submission

If applicable, the abstract should consist of the following parts:

    1. Title: If your abstract contains a case report, please indicate in the title.
    2. Authors: Please include all authors in the correct order.
    3. Affiliations: Please include the authors' complete affiliations by indicating the corresponding company/institutions, department, location, and country.
    4. The content of the abstract (limited to 2500 characters) should consist of the following parts:
      • Aims
      • Methods
      • Results (Arithmetic characters are to be separated with spaces. Example: Permitted is the notation "p < 0.5", whereas "p<0.5" is not permitted)
      • Conclusions
    5. Acknowledgements and references can be added in the separate field below the abstract content. 
    6. References should be indicated using the following format: author name, journal name, year of publication, volume, starting page, without manuscript title, e.g. Smith AG. et al. J Fant 2002:79:567.
    7. Do not write in capital letters only.
    8. Please note that figures, tables or graphs cannot be included.
    9. Abstracts that have been presented at another congress during the last year can be submitted here again.
    10. At least one author has to be registered for the congress.


There are no categories for the abstract submission. Accepted abstracts have to be presented as posters.


Abstracts must be written in English.

Abstract rating & notifications

The submitted abstracts will be reviewed and rated by members of the scientific committee. Acceptance for posters will be communicated to the corresponding author.


There will be no publication of the abstracts.

Should you require further help with your abstract submission or have any questions, please contact the IMK congress secretariat: abstracts@imk.ch | congress@imk.ch